When Tinker designed 11, he was not sure whether the flyers would wear these basketball shoes. It was during the sad years when Jordan left the NBA and struggled in the professional baseball league. The 9th generation had just become an alternative that the flyers did not wear on the basketball court. Jordan himself did not like the 10th generation. Even after returning to the game, the shoes still failed to become part of him. However, when the outside world continued to question Tinker, Jordan suddenly announced to the world: "I'm back!" It was March 18, 1995, when the world boiled over the return of the flying man. The next day the hero in his No. 45 Jersey returned to the familiar stage.
As a result, Tinker and his design team are more soberly aware that the 11th Generation Congress is a symbol of a new era, and he has strengthened the design of these shoes.
This is the first pair of basketball shoes in the history of lacquer design works, it makes the shoes not easy to pull, light and gorgeous, looks more like a bright sports car shell. The nylon material of the upper completely lightens the overall load. In the history of AIR JORDAN series, another lightweight milestone was born.
White and Black Colour Matching in the First Year of AJ11
White and Black Colour Matching in the First Year of AJ11
Tinker and the design team used high-speed photography to capture Jordan's movements on the court, frame-by-frame projection and analysis of changes in the running shoes, eventually found problems, and determined to add full-palm fiberboard to the sole. This technology, originally used in football shoes, has the effect of preventing the distortion of footwear and correcting the sole quickly. After the footwear is deformed by force, it can recover quickly. It also provides the guards with a faster start-up speed. In order to highlight this bright spot, they also decided to use the crystal sole design again. Carbon fiber bracket has become the symbol of top basketball shoes in the future.
In the past, the AJ series did not put too much effort into the design of shoelaces. They seemed to pay more attention to lace holes or buckles. But this time, the revolutionary fast tie system has also been introduced into the design of 11, making it very convenient to wear and tear.
Undoubtedly, in terms of design alone, AJ11 has broken through the traditional concept of basketball shoes, a classic basketball shoes that is suitable for wearing, practical, and with a punctual appearance was born.